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The Art and the Art lover

Updated: Apr 17

In our journey as artists, Struan's creations capture a vibrant fusion of street art and contemporary cartoon illustration, often infused with playful nods to pop culture. His latest series radiates a nostalgic charm, brimming with positivity and joy, evoking fond memories of days gone by.

Conversely, my artistic expression tends towards softer, more introspective themes. Drawing inspiration from the human form and textured suits influenced by our background in advertising, each piece reflects our collective journey and experiences, painted with shared care and intention.

The impact of art extends far beyond the canvas. It serves as a conduit for understanding the world around us, influencing communities, memories and moments we have experienced.

Time and again, art has proven its ability to enhance our quality of life and elevate our mood. It aids in emotional processing and fosters a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The reason behind our daily commitment to painting and drawing lies in the profound emotional resonance it evokes, both within ourselves and in those who encounter our work. Creating artwork that inspires, energizes, and fills souls with joy is our ultimate goal. We practice and play with techniques and colour in order to ignite that excitement that happens when we create.

When a collector chooses to bring one of our pieces into their life, it's a moment of immense gratitude shared between us. They're not just acquiring art; they're bringing in a piece of our authenticity/of our joy into their space. It's a beautiful reminder of the inherent love and energy that we each have when we find something that excites us. Witnessing our paintings find new homes is akin to seeing cherished friends find companionship, or making new friends as adults – a deeply satisfying and joyful experience.

Observing collectors select their perfect piece is a fascinating and reflective process. We often invite the collector to have a photograph taken with their newly acquired piece. While their choices may vary – be it for aesthetic appeal, emotional resonance, or textural allure – it often feels as though the right artwork has found its destined owner. Collectors play a vital role in empowering artists, fostering a connection that spans from creation to the sanctuary of home.

So, the next time you encounter a piece of art, take a moment to delve deeper: How does it make you feel? That moment where you linger for longer and you don't know why. Allow your collective spirit to guide you, for within the layers of paint lies a reservoir of empowerment, waiting to be uncovered.

Art is not merely beautiful; it's a profound force that ignites empowerment, resonating deep within and ignites a joy that is personal and authentic.

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