Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1985, Struan then immigrated to Australia with his family in 2003, where he completed an Arts Degree and a diploma in fine art.

As far back as he can remember Struan has had a fascination with art. From an early age he drew pictures at every opportunity. Whether it was in the back of textbooks during class, or working on illustrations for his art portfolio instead of studying for exams, he was invariably drawing. Art is something that Struan has always loved.

Struan’s early work was predominantly portraits of friends and family members, using acrylic paint and coloured markers. The aim was to create a harmony between he painted brushstrokes of the subject and the whimsical line drawings of the markers.

His current body of work, titled “Do Androids dream of electric sheep?” is his interpretation of the style called “Cyberpunk”.

Cyberpunk is a sub genre of Science Fiction. Combining advanced technology with gritty urban landscapes (think Blade Runner or Judge Dredd). This futuristic style is usually set in dystopias where giant multinational corporations have replaced governments as centres of political, economic, and even military power.


Cyber refers to technology and is often associated with cyberspace & cybernetic enhancements to the body and Punk, refers to people. In cyberpunk, these people tend to be outsiders, anti-heroes, outcasts, visionaries, dissenters, and misfits. The common thread that runs through all of these groups of people is the need or want to undermine the established social order.


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