Emma Hopwood (McAdam-Marmont)

Emma has always been a passionate artist. At 18, Emma graduated school with a Photography Scholarship, which assisted in her enrolment at Elam, School of Fine Art in Auckland where she focused her attention on sculpture and mixed media.

For more than a decade, Emma has worked as a part time artist and full time in advertising, more recently, as a Television Producer at Ogilvy. Loving the creative process in advertising, Emma loved working in a team and bringing ideas to life however felt torn between her day time advertising role and her night time passion for art.

In 2016, Emma and her husband Struan took the plunge and left their Melbourne advertising lives to move to Daylesford and paint full time.

Today, acrylic and spray paint fill her canvases, using tools such as pallet knives, spatulas and sponges. It is a love for texture and motion which guides Emma in her work to finish with a piece that has layers and movement.


Working in collaboration with photographers and models, Emma loves to constantly build on her style and bounce ideas around with other creative minds.


Always seeing life through a cropped lens, she loves the tension that can be captured when working with high contrast and an interesting crop of the body. She measures her work as a success based on guiding the eye effectively to an interesting body part or curve, and it lingering there.

The nude body of work Emma has selected to exhibit captures curves, close ups and skin, inspired by sensual boudoir portraits. Her suit series focuses on figures in suits, either relaxing after the work-week or ready for their next meeting. The aim of this series is to capture a personality or mood without giving you everything. Emma looks to create mystery in every work, leaving the viewer wanting more.

Suits Series

Skin & Flora

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