Kim Passalaqua

Originally from Broken Hill, Kim Passalaqua has been drawing inspiration from the brilliant colours of the outback throughout her lifetime.  In 1986 she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and then a Diploma of Education at Charles Sturt University and more recently studied Contemporary Painting at the Victorian College of the Arts.  She currently works from her studio as well as painting outdoors during field trips to outback Australia or her local Murray River Region.


“My life experiences are often reflected in my work and can range from country to coastal or outback scenes.  Sometimes the rich bold colours of Australia are shouting out to be splashed across the canvas.”


The past year Kim has been working en plein air to capture the magic of the mighty Murray River in in the North East region of Victoria.  Her art includes works on paper and oil or acrylic on canvas using different mediums to reflect the light and colour of the landscape.   


“This immersion into the landscape creates a sense of discovery.  In the process of recreating what I see I naturally move from a position of observing a subject in a loose way to one where I can acquire a deep understanding of its parts.  We live in intricate tapestries of landscape so I would like my paintings to enrich and illuminate the passages and horizons that link the artist with the viewer”.


Kim has exhibited in many art shows, prizes and group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions, with a new show upcoming at the end of March, 2019.


‘En plein air’ -   from the French phrase meaning in the open air, of or in the manner of various French 19th-century schools of painting, especially impressionism, concerned with the observation of light and atmosphere effects outdoors.