Hans Wernich

With some ‘welded magic' and heaps of imagination, Hans Wernich upcycles discarded metal, car parts and old farming equipment to create his whimsical characters, abstract sculptures, and decorative artifacts.


Besides scrap metal, Hans occasionally incorporates other found objects such as wood, glass and animal bones into his sculptures. These items are selected for their aesthetics and uniqueness and then woven into his creations to complement and enhance the story or character of the sculpture.


Originally from Perth Hans is now based in Ghin Ghin, Victoria. He gains his inspiration from his love of art, philosophy, and storytelling to create sculptures abound with unusual shapes and textures that bring beauty and joy to the homes his pieces adorn.


After 20 years of practicing architecture, now a full-time sculptor, Hans enjoys the challenge of designing and creating custom-made conversation pieces for clients. Merging his knowledge of interior design and landscape architecture with the client's aspirations comes naturally to him.

Dates: January 2019 - Current

Thurs - Mon 10:00am - 4:00pm

Hard Yakka
Wood and found metal
102 x 50cm
Hide and seek
Red Gum and found steel
106 x 40cm
Wood & found metal
93 x 43cm
Small bespoke industrial lamp
Found metal and wood
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Wood & found metal 93 x 43cm $835