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By Eamon Riley

Acrylic on Victorian Ash timber, New wool composition

83cm x 90cm x 43cm


Artwork Description

Dulux acrylic (unsealed) on Vic Ash,

Medium density foam, Wood glue,
Staples, Steel, Reclaimed Plastic


100% New wool composition
Designed in Denmark by Finn Sködt,
Produced In the UK by Kvadrat Maharam

This This piece was developed from the ground up. Designed as a reinvention of
the phone seat that was saved from the side of the road, to reflect on the advancement of communication technology in the form of smart phones. It uses sculptural elements to help convey the message of how much we rely on smart phones and how easy it is to get lost in them. Conversations are no longer what they used to be, and sometimes we need to be reminded of the world outside our technological devices and how important it is to truly
connect with each other.


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